Talking about Woman with amighty heart!


Woman with amighty heart!

Om Shree, 36 year old woman subdued her own interests for the sake of her family.Despite the threats and difficulties,she kept on going and now this woman owns two mini trucks.

Balarpur(Mainpuri, UP)

It is dark as usual , when Om Shree returns from her guava orchard to her home where her siblings would be waiting for her to dine together. Today she has everything to run a family in this small vilage.But things were not like this for her only two decade ago , when she lost her parents and responsibility of all young members came upon her delicate shouders.

She was only 16 years old.She hoped that in such tough time , her uncles and cousins would help her but for her surprise they all were eying to grab the land. They beat har many time and spread ill-rumours about her character in the village.  ” they wnted me to sign on the property papers without any protest. They forced me to leave the village , so that they could take the hold of my ancestral land”, she says.

Things were not easy for her in any way. She had nothing called ‘money’ at home because everything was gone in the treatment of her father who as suffering from  Tuberculosis.Her cousins has   criminal records so no one stood against them to help her.

” When they failed in their plans to owerpower me easily as they thought earlier.They started misleading my younger brothers , by saying that one day I would sell all the property and would fled away from home. one of my brother even satrted drinking and gambling in their company. My brothers abused me- their elder sister due to the poision filled in them”.she says while tears rolling on her cheeks. ” I suffered a lot but  the very moment I decided that I would not let them fulfill their wicked-plans. It is tough for girls to stand against such bad men but I had no option left with”. she adds further.

However there were many hurdles on her way but her steadfast determination brought her the desired fruit. She used both love and stick to bring her brothers back on the right path. She worked as labourer to feed her siblings. ” during day I used to work on my land  and at night I went to harvest wheat crops to earn money to meet the family expencs”. she tells.

She tried to file comlaint against her cousins but police did not listen to her. Then she decided to transfer the old gun of  her father as defence weapon against them (cousins) but problems were tied to her everywhere. “I went Mainpuri umpteen times but in vain. Clerks demnded money for ‘chai-pani’ which I hadn’t and they .” she tells.

But her work was not done yet. She had two sister two sisters to marry. So to marry one of them , she started working overtime and within two years she collected some money.In 1999, she got her sister married to a well-setteled man. The guava orchard planted by her had now started giving plenty in return , so in 2004 she purchased a mini truck with partial loan.

Only in one and and half year she paid the loan and on previous ‘Diwali’ she purchased another. Her brother Raju said that she had suffered a lot due to them and he would give her all comforts for the rest of life. When asked about her own marriage , she says ” If I will marry there is no one to look after them. even today people are behind my property and I can’t let them do, no matter for that I have to do some sacrifies.”

Om shree is not much worried now because her brothers has grown young and they are looking after the work with  her.  ” we respect her determination to survive in such tough situation , where  everything was against her. She is source of inspiration to us and we want to make all our daughters like her.” says a group of women of the village.